Our apologies regarding the cPanel Hosting outages you have experienced over the past few days.

The issue was with several sites that were using extremely outdated Joomla and Custom CMS's (Content Management Systems) causing the entire (very powerful) webserver to ‘load up’ on MySQL. The server had to be rebooted several times to keep it online. The downtimes ranged from a few minutes up to an hour. This also caused a lot of issues with our backup system set up on this server which we now need to address.

To enhance our backup system of this dedicated server we will be performing a BIOS update to the RAID Controller this evening (March 23, 2020) at 21:00 Eastern Daylight Time (UTC 02:00/-5 March 24, 2020). Because of this update, the server will require a reboot resulting in approximately 10 minutes of downtime.

Should you have any additional questions, please open a Support Ticket for the Department: Technical Support. Please add this to the subject in the ticket [RAID Controller Update] for quicker response from our support team.

KartHost Support Team

Monday, March 23, 2020

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