KloudEmail Spam Filter Upgrade Being Rolled Out

  • Monday, 30th October, 2017
  • 10:19am
Attention all our KloudEmail Basic, Suite and Hosted Exchange users. The KloudEmail Team has started rolling out a new spam filtering technology for our KloudEmail service. This change to our anti-spam technology will improve the accuracey and consistaency of spam detection.

While we expect the overall satisfaction with spam filtering to improve, we also expect users to notice some changes in how we are filtering mail. As a result, there may be an uptick in requests about why messages they used to see going to their Inbox now go to Spam, or vice versa. YOur Support teams will be ready to help field any of these requests and provide you with helpful information to explain any behavior changes.

We will be working diligently throughout this entire process to tune and train the new spam filtering components to ensure the fewest false positives as possible. We've already been through an extensive ramp-up period with the new improvements, and we are eager for our customers to realize the expected benefits.

KloudEmail Team

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