KartHost Announces an Additional Partnership with Zix/Appriver for Hosted Exchange

  • Wednesday, 8th February, 2023
  • 09:20am

We are pleased to announce that KartHost, which has been a Partner of Zix/Appriver for many years, is now providing Hosted Exchange services to our KartHost clients.

Over the past 20 years, Zix established itself as a leader in cloud-based email security that includes AppRiver, a go-to email security platform supporting over 80.000 plus businesses globally.

Zix/AppRiver KartHost partnership

KartHost clients have unique email challenges. While we offer Microsoft 365 Email (which is Exchange) & Apps, the problem is that all mailboxes on the same domain must use the more expensive email service. If your budget isn't a concern, that is perfectly fine; it's an excellent service. 

However, for new businesses or existing businesses that would like to have options (and save on the budget), but not give up all the benefits of using Exchange Email, our clients have an excellent choice. Three email levels can be used on the same domain name!

These are Full Exchange (Unlimited GB mailboxes), Lite Plus (25 GB mailboxes with an option for ActiveSync to give the Exchange capabilities or simple IMAP), and Lite, which is a 2 GB mailbox and is strictly IMAP. And the huge benefit, you can mix or match what you would like. This is a significant solution for our clients.

Also, as an option, Information Archiving (and Advanced Information Archiving) can be added PER MAILBOX (not the entire domain name). Not only can you archive emails in and out of your mailbox, but you can also Archive SMS (text) messages, Social Media discussions, and many more channels. And no worry about compliance, you are covered. 

Are you looking for Split Domain services? Give us a call and let's find the best solution for you.

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