ATTENTION - KartHost Clients Using Hosted Exchange - Please Read

  • Saturday, 3rd December, 2022
  • 11:09am

If you haven’t read the latest update from our partner Rackspace, please take a few moments to read it.
Here is the link: KartHost KloudEmail Status Page
Please Note: These Notes on the status page come from the Engineers at the Data Center, NOT from KartHost. Rackspace, one of our partners, runs the Data Center.

Also, note if you have KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite (both IMAP Service), this isn’t affecting you at all UNLESS you have our Exchange Hybrid)

In an Emergency Move to get Email Flowing to you, Rackspace is allowing us to set up Microsoft 365 Email Only Plan so you can get your email flowing. As fast as possible. SO PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR OWN

You will be required to reset all your devices, Outlook, Phones, and Tablets for the Microsoft 365 Email once set up for your account.

The KartHost Team will set this up so you do not have to, but you will need to set the email up on your devices to replace your Hosted Exchange.

However, if you have Hybrid (meaning you can have Exchange & IMAP [KartHost Basic & KloudEmail Suite] email service on the same Domain Name) with KartHost. ALL Mailboxes MUST be set up on

What will we do for you if you have Hosted Exchange Only?

We will set up your Microsoft 365 Tenant (account for email only)

If your domain name and/or DNS (are handled by Cloudflare), we will make the needed changes.
(If we do not handle your DNS, we will give you instructions to make changes to it)

We will add your new Password to your account and Text You what.

If You Have both Hosted Exchange Hybrid ONLY Clients

The problem with Microsoft 365 Email is that it doesn’t allow you to have other types of email on the same domain we offer.

If you want your Exchange Mailbox set up to Microsoft 365 Email ONLY (so you can start receiving email again), ALL your mailboxes must be moved to Microsoft 365. Yes, it’s all or nothing with Microsoft 365 Email.

The good news during this issue, if we move your KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite to Microsoft 365 Email-only, you will not pay the extra price. Later you can decide if you would like to stay on Microsoft 365 Email Only.

UPDATE Dec 5, 8:17 AM - We are still setting up our Hosted Exchange clients an alternative email service with the ONE GOAL of allowing you to be able to access NEW Emails being sent to you. Old emails will be available once Rackspace has the Hosted Platform back up and running. We will be setting clients up in; however, if you can open a Support Ticket, that will be helpful. We are ONLY communicating via SMS (Text) messaging and via our Customer Center Support. Note this is ONLY for our Hosted Exchange clients.


UPDATE Dec 4, 9:45 AM - We are not offering two Temporary Solutions if you wish to help you to where you can at least start receiving emails. REMEMBER these or Temporary fixes for now.

You can request in your KartHost Support Ticket (Only):

Option 1) To wait to have your account set up on Microsoft 365 (MS 365) Email.  This is a longer & more complex process. If you already have an MS 365 account for the Apps (like Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) we will need the email address for THAT account and if you associated a Domain Name with it. Right now, it's taking close to 2 hours to get set up. It takes longer if you control your own DNS. That is once we start setting up your account.

Option 2) We can set you up on IMAP email service. LESS complex, and if we have your DNS can be set up in most cases less than 30 minutes after we start on yours.

In Both Cases above the Option, there is NOT an Email Archiving option. In Option 1, we are not 100% sure you will have Email Archiving while on that solution.

Please let us know WHAT option you would prefer.

UPDATE Dec 3, 12:34 PM IF YOU ALREADY HAVE a Microsoft 365 Account of any type, could you please let us know the domain name associated with it and the email address?
I ask that you please do not text this information. Could you open a KartHost Customer Center account with that information? If you do NOT have an existing Microsoft 365 Account STILL, please open a KartHost Customer Center Support Ticket and let us know. This will speed up DRASTICALLY us setting up your Microsoft 365 Email. We can only move forward once we hear from you.


Just to let you know, we will be communicating via Text Only. Or Support Tickets if you have any questions or requests. And updates to this announcement page.
Sorry no phone calls, we do not have large enough staff to take calls. Thanks for your understanding.

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