Bounce Messages and Forwarding Email to Google Email

  • Friday, 10th June, 2022
  • 12:46pm

Please Note the KloudEmail Postmaster has confirmed that KloudEmail users are experiencing bounce-backs from Google Mail due to GMAIL's new Security Check Policies.

To resolve these bounces, Gmail requires the following action for each scenario:

Auto Forwarding from your KloudEmail to Google Mail In this case GMAIL is requiring that your KloudEmail address is added as an alias to your Gmail account.
This is Gmail's way of doing a thorough check to ensure the auto-forward is legitimately intended by both mailboxes. Learn how here:

*Note: Please allow propagation time after configuring this setting. Manual Forwarding to Gmail In this case Gmail is requiring the Sender's mailbox to have their SPF and DKIM record configured properly so that the Gmail servers can perform their required security checks.

Please ensure these records are added to your KloudEmail domain DNS specifically your SPF record and a DKIM record. Otherwise, you could have deliverability issues. 

Any questions, contact KloudEmail Support.

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