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  • Friday, 20th May, 2022
  • 09:44am

Over at our main part of our website, we have added some more Blog Posts, that just might be helpful to you. Here they are below with direct links to each blog post.

Why Doesn't Email Show Up? - This is becoming one of our biggest questions. And there are a lot of reasons for this. From the sending email service having bad sending IPs, an email is SPAM and is never delivered, and in a lot of cases, email managers set up by the client have either setup Filters and or Rules and they have forgotten about it, or better yet, they set up another email manager at their office or home and it's always-on and they have Filters or Rules set up. So there are LOTS of reasons. Make sure you check this out so you will know what to check next time you have emails 'not showing up'.

Building Your Email List is Easier Now - Are you trying to keep in touch with your "tribe", "followers", "group", "customers", etc.? If so, don't let your visitors to your website leave without having the opportunity to get on your, Way Cool List, Insiders List, or whatever you want to call it list. Email lists are vital to every business! I am sure you heard the term "out of sight out of mind". Exactly! You never know when someone is going to need your product(s) or services, especially if you have a product or service that isn't needed very often. You have to keep your name in front of them, so they will remember, so in other words, you will NOT be 'out of sight out of mind' This article explains a good to capture leads and build that list for your site.

What can a FluentFrom be used for? - Forms on websites are just another way to not only allow someone to contact you or your business (and every website should have one). But forms can be created and placed on your web page for not only a normal Contact Form but Event Registration, Sign-Up or Sign-In Forms, Surveys & Questionnaires, eCommerce Checkouts, Collecting Donations, Appointment Bookings and many more ideas! In this article, you will learn what KartHost not only recommends but uses on our website(s).

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