.COM Domain Name Price Increase Effective August 31, 2022

  • 2nd August 2022
We were notified today (08/02/2022) that Verisign is increasing.COM pricing at Midnight UTC on September 1, 2022 (this will require us to increase our prices on August 31, 2022) Verisign owns the rights to the .COM .TLD (Top Level Domain). All domain name registers purchase their .com Domain Names from Verisign. ICANN has given Verisign ...
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Major Improvements Coming to KartHost KloudEmail!

  • 14th June 2022
Originally Published April 23, 2022 - last update August 3, 2022. See the blue text below for updated information. Bookmark this page and watch it regularly throughout the year for updated FAQs about the migration   Major Improvements Coming to KartHost KloudEmail! We have exciting news about a major improvement coming to our KloudEmail ...
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Bounce Messages and Forwarding Email to Google Email

  • 10th June 2022
Please Note the KloudEmail Postmaster has confirmed that KloudEmail users are experiencing bounce-backs from Google Mail due to GMAIL's new Security Check Policies. To resolve these bounces, Gmail requires the following action for each scenario: Auto Forwarding from your KloudEmail to Google Mail In this case GMAIL is requiring that your ...
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June 3rd Checkout our recent KartHost Blog Posts!

  • 3rd June 2022
If you own a website built with WordPress. You know one of the big benefits is to add plugins that will add features to your website! Check out these KartHost Blog post articles about some of these plugins! Human Presence Wins against WordPress Spam in Comments and Forms Dislike reCaptcha on your site? Tired of Comment and Form Spam plugins ...
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