Is Your Domain Name Ready to be Transferred?

First off what is a Domin Transfer? It's simply moving the domin name from one register to another. The register is the company you pay to renew your domain name and where you go to manage your domain name. And before you transfer your domain name you need to ask the following..... Is your domain name ready to be transferred? If the answer is "No" or "I'm not sure" here are the steps (check list) you need to take to make sure the transfer goes smoothly for you.  If you miss any of these steps the transfer will automtically Fail. In most all transfer failures the person originating the transfer forgot to do one of the following:

Where ever your domain name is currently registered (the people you pay to keep it renewed), log into your account there and perform the following tasks:

1)  Make sure the domain is unlocked first at your current register. All domain name registers allow domins to be "locked" for security reasons to prevent unauthorized transfers or tampering. So make sure your domain is unlocked. If your domain name is locked the transfer will automatically fail.

2)  Make sure your domain name records Administrtive Contacts email address is a valid email address. Once you start the purchase to transfer your domain to an approval email will be sent to the Administrtive Contct for transfer approval. So its vital the email address is a valid one.

3)  Obtain your "Transfer Authorization Code" to transfer your domain name from your current register, which is basically a password. Officially this code is the "AuthInfo" Code; however there are different names for the code. Here at we call the code the "EPP Code", other registers have different names for their codes, like, "transfer key", "domin secret", "transfer secret", "EPP authentiction code" etc.

4) Important Items to be aware of; If you just registered your domain at another register, make sure: 
  a) the domain name is beyond 60 days after its creation*
  b) the domain name has NOT expired, (in many cases you can transfer domain names within 30 days of cancellation, check with the register to confirm)
  c) there isn't any outstanding balance due with the current register,
  d) make sure NOT to start transfer if the successful transfer would place the domain name expiration date more than 10 years out from "todays" date.

*According to the Policy of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) there's a 60-day rule which prevents domain registrations from being transferred if they have not yet gone beyond 60 days after their creation dates.

5) To set up this process at KartHost you will need to Log into your KartHost Customer Center account (or if you are new to KartHost you will set up your new account). Go to Services>Order New Services in new window on left naviagation under +Actions> Transfer in a Domain. The next window you will enter your domain name and the EPP Code/Auth Code you obtained in #3 above click 'Add to Cart' and follow the rest of the checkout instructions.

 Keep in mind that the transfer doesn't actully start until the Administrative Contact has actually APPROVED the transfer.
Once you have completed these steps and prepared your domain for transfer, the transfer process should go flawlessly.  Once approval has been granted the transfer request is sent over to the current register and once received the current register has 5 days to transfer your domain to KartHost. (Some registers will allow you to manually approve the transfer away once the request has had time to arrive at the losing register, check in your previous register account for such capability).

7) AFTER YOUR SUCCESSFUL transfer - You will have 15 days to verify your email address. 
Verifiction email will be emailed out immeditely after the successful transfer of your domain name to KartHost. The domain name will be sent to your Administrtive Contact email address. Make sure to safelist, whitelist (add to your Address book) this email address in your emil service. Also make sure to check your junk/spam folder if you haven't received this vital email within few hours of the successful transfer. If you do not verify your email address within 15 days of the success transfer, your domain namewill be suspeneded automatically by the Domain Registrar, no KartHost.

Note: You can always have the Verification Email resent to you. If you continue to not receive, would hightly recommend changing the email address.

If you are transfering your domain namefrom GoDddy, you will find this article useful "Transferring GoDaddy domain name to KartHost"
and after the transfer has Started you might want to read "OK You Ordered domain name transfer to KartHost Now What?"

If you wish, you can order the KartHost domain name Conceirge Transfer Service for a small additional one time fee. We will handle the transfer process for you. Contact Sales for details.

updated December 2, 2016


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