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Enable SharePoint To enable SharePoint, log into the Control Panel, and perform the following steps: 1. On the Home page, click the Microsoft SharePoint link/box title. 2. Enter the following information: o SharePoint URL—Enter the address for your SharePoint site. Use letters, numbers, or hyphens only. o Site Admin—Enter an email address to serve as the site admin login. o Password—Use the Site Admin email address and the associated password to log into SharePoint for the first time. After you log in, you can assign additional admins. Note: The proper domain for creating your SharePoint URL is example.sharesrvr.com. Do not use a subdomain, such as www.example.sharesrvr.com . 3. Click the Create Site button. Site creation takes about five minutes. 4. Email users must activate their SharePoint access by visiting the SharePoint Activation page. Go to the Microsoft SharePoint section of the Control Panel to find the Mailbox User Activation URL. Provide this link to the email users on your account you wish to activate on SharePoint. Once the link has been accessed, users will be prompted to enter their mailbox credentials to complete syncing with the Sharepoint Site. After email users have been activated, permissions will have to be granted in the SharePoint site for them to access content. Note: If you have purchased only SharePoint or if you have user that do not have email accoun please refer to the "Add External Users to SharePoint" article to learn how to add users to your account.

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