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If you have forgotten your password to your KartHost Customer Center Account, you can use the "Request a Password Reset" tool to reset your password.
You will also need to provide the Security Question Answer you set up when you set up your KartHost Customer Center account. Remember your Security Question is Case Sensitive.

1) Go to main website

2) On the home page at the top of the page, click on "My Account (Customer Center)"

3) The resulting page will be the KartHost "Login" page to the Customer Center. Remember your User account is unique and has its own password separate from anything else. 

4) On the Login page, you will see to the right of the word "Password" field the text link "Forgot Password?" that is a clickable link, click it to start the password reset process.

5) You will land on the "Lost Password Reset " page. You must know your email address assigned to your KartHost Customer Center Account 'User' (usually the one you used to sign up for service or assigned if this is an invited 'User' Account). (A) Type in your email associated with your KartHost User account in the "Email Address" field, and then (B) click the "Submit" button.

6) You will see a message that says " Password Reset Requested " so go check your email box of the email address you submitted and if you do not see the email (not seeing the email, make sure to check your Spam / Junk folder) after 10 minutes, you will need to contact Customer Service by phone during normal business hours in US Central Time Zone. You can also send an email (from the same email address to [email protected], and that will open a ticket on your behalf. Make sure to add your name to the Subject of the email.

7) Security Question NOTE: If you are taken to a page that asks for the answer to the 'Security Question' you originally set up when you created your account, you must type in the answer EXACTLY the way you did when you created your account. So if your Answer was "Hampster" you must type it in as "Hampster". Any other spelling and/or capitalization will not work.

8) Once you locate your Password Reset Email (Subject will be: Reset Your KartHost Customer Center Password), there will be a text link "Reset your password" that should be clickable. You will be taken to the  Lost Password Reset page (if you have a security question set, provide the answer before moving forward.
(If it isn't clickable, copy the entire URL and paste the URL into your browser address window (not the search field). Keep in mind missing just one character will cause the link to fail) and you will be taken to the Lost Password Reset page.
Critical Note: WE WILL NEVER SEND YOU A PASSWORD RESET UNLESS YOU ASK FOR IT. So beware if you see an email like this, and you didn't ask for it!

9) After you enter your Security Answer Correctly and click Submit, you will arrive at the "Lost Password Reset" page. Here, you will want to enter a MINIMUM 12-character password.  Your Password Strength MUST be Green on the password strength bar.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to use a minimum of 12 characters (more is better) in your password, and use UPPER CASE, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters in your password like:  $ ) % #( @ ! ~ , = ; + * & - % ^ _ @  etc.

Never use sequential letters, which are numbers of  3 or more, like the following: abc, wxy, 123, 789, etc.
The goal is to create a strong password. The Password Strength meter will turn green to let you know if your password is strong, and it is required.

Never Use Your Domain Name or Name on Account in the Password. Doing so will cause your password to fail.

WHY is a STRONG Password Important? Remember that we can have the best security in the world, but if you create a WEAK PASSWORD, you undermine all that great security. Then, the bad actors can access your Email (reset passwords), mailboxes, website, etc. We also recommend you turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), to protect your account further.



Updated: June 19, 2024

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