What are my Name Servers for my web site at KartHost?

Name Servers are records that instruct your domain name to "point" to the proper web server on the internet were your web site files will be residing. These name servers are associated with your domain name record and need to be changed with your current domain name registrar.

If you ordered your domain name with your web hosting, then your name servers are preset to the correct name servers. However, if you are purchasing new name domains or moving your web hosting, then here are the name servers you need to change your domain record to:

(Note: Your welcome email will provide you with the name of the server your site is located, if you do not know what server your site is on feel free to open a support ticket and we will be pleased to assist you.)

Prime Hosting Server Cluster - cp2.karthost.com




Managed WordPress Hosting Cluster - wp01.karthost.com




DEFAULT NAME SERVERS NOTE: If you decide to use one of more of the FREE Services like DNS Management, Email Forwarding or Domain Forwarding (If you did not originally select these services during your Domain Registeration, then please open a Domain Name Support Ticket so that a KARTHOST Staff can set those up for you.  The Name Servers for your domain name MUST BE CHANGED to the following:


Also note you can use these default name servers to point to your KartHost web hosting if you like. You will be setting up the DNS, you must point all "A" records to the servers IP address and the MX records must be set to the appropriate  email service you are using. If you do not know, than please contact support.

You can change the name servers directly in your Client Area here in the KARTHOST Customer Center. Once the name servers are  changed please allow for domain propagation. Propagation is totally reliant on the internet and can happen as quickly as a few minutes to over 48 hours.

If your domain name has NOT propagated within 48 hours please open a Techical Support Ticket.

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