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It very important to upgrade your WordPress install as well as your WordPress plugins. The good news about WordPress its very popular, and the bad news is, its very popular. So keeping your Plugins updated is a very simple task that anyone can do, if you can click a link, you can update. So here is how to do it.

1) After you login to your WordPress Admin (Dashboard) you will see the black circle with a white number in it, this will let you know you have updates to do.

To updates your Plugins do the following: Click on Plugins > Installed Plugins

2) On the Plugins Page you will  see the below that with the yellow bar that starts out like "There is a new Version of (Name of your Plugin) available".

All you need to do is just click the "update automatically".

3) This is the result you will see after a successful plugin update. If there are other items you need to do, then you will be notificed, normally this only happend with paid plugins, and you will just need to confirm your license key for that plugin.



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