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1) At the bottom of your WordPress login form look for and click "Lost your password?"

2) On the Forgot Password page either type in the username or the email address of the username in which you are attempting to change the password and click the "Get New Password" link.

3) This is the next screen you will see, telling you to check your email for an email WordPress sent for further instructions.

4) This is what the email will say. Click on the long link to RESET your Password. NOTE: If for some reason the link is not clickable then copy the ENTIRE LINK and paste it in your web browser address window (NOT YOUR SEARCH WINDOW!). If you do not paste the entire link, the link will not work correctly.

5) The below image will show you what the link will redirect you too. Just type in a STRONG password.

6) You will see this page (below) after reseting your password and just click the "Log in" link to be sent back to the WordPress login page.

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