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If you are designing your new web site and your domain name is not pointing to the server your working on, how do you view and work on your web site.

If Your Web Site Is On a cPanel Server

You can use the servers IP address followed by a "/" then the "~" key and then your username (first 8 alpha chararters of your domain name). For instant if your domain name is and your servers IP address is you would use this URL:

Another way is to add a "Parked Domain" to your site and just use the parked domain (assuming its pointing to the server). And once you are ready to take your new web site live just change the name servers to on the primary (master) domain and you can start using the new web site you just created.
TIP: You can use a "test domain" if you wish (meaning you register a domain name just for this purpose and after the site is live with the primary domain you can remove it.


If Your Web Site Is On a InterWorx Server

If the InterWorx server is set to use suPHP, which all of KARTHOST InterWorx servers are set to use, you will not be able to use the technique.  You will need to use the "Parked Domain" technique as mentioned above, except on InterWorx it is NOT called Parked Domains, its called Pointer Domain, and can be easily added via your SiteWorx Control Panel.

Another Way to Access Your Development Site While the Domain is Pointed to Another Server.

Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC you would do the following:

1) Open Up NotePad (or some other software designed to work with code, NOT Microsft Word or WordPad or any software that would add additional code)YOU WILL NEED TO OPEN NotePad as "Run as Administrator"
2) Open up the following file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
3) Add the IP address followed by at least one space and then the domain name, then followed with a space with the domain name with the "www"
Here is an example as to how the line would look:
4) Make sure to save your file, remember if you are NOT using notepad "Run as Administrator" you will not be able to save your file
5) Now open your browser and you web browser should be pointing to your development site.




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