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This is a step by step how to use the free FTP client FileZila to connect using FTPES to your KARTHOST web server.

NOTE: Please note that FileZilla does NOT encrypt your password when it stores it on your PC. If your PC gets a virus that is able to discover your password on your PC, using a Secure Connect will serve no real purpose. Take steps NOW, to secure your own PC with the proper Virus Protection, Malware software.


1) In the Host: window you will need to place ftpes:// in front of your domain name that you will be making a connection too.
FileZilla FTPES Host Setting
2) The Username and Password field will be filled out with your normal FTP login details.
3) Port: should be set to the standard 21
4) You are ready to connect just click on the Quickconnect button and for the first time you will need to accept the Security Certificate
once accepted you will make a connection


Setting up your FTPES using Site Manager

1) Click on File and select Site Manager
2) When Site Manager opens highlight "My Sites" and click on the New Site Button
3) On the
General tab type in the Host: field your domain name you will be ftping too.
4) In the
Port: field type in 21
5) Server Type:
Select FTPES - FTP over explicit TLS/SSL from the drop down menu of choices.
User: type in your FTP username for your FTP account set up in your Web Hosting Control Panel
Password: this is where you type in the password you gave to your FTP account you set up in your Web Hosting Control Panel
8) Optional you can highlight the New Site under My Sites and click on the
Rename button and change to a name you will recognize.
9) Now you can either click on
Connect and instantly connect to your site via FTP or click OK to save your connection savings
(Clicking Connect will save your connection settings)
Site Manager for FileZilla setting up to use FTPES


If you have any specific questions or issue please open a Technical Support, Support Ticket. Our staff is available to you 24/7.

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