Publishing (FrontPage Extensions) to a cPanel Addon Domain - Steps that need to be taken Print

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URGENT - FRONT PAGE Extensions are no longer supported by KartHost Servers.
If you are still wanting to use FrontPage (we highly discourage the use of FrontPage)
Microsoft® discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions on Linux servers June 30,  2006. It is DANGEROUS to continue to offer such old Frontpage Extensions. We discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions in cPanel & WHM version 11.46, Which was released the week of November 5, 2014.

After adding your domain as a Addon Domain in cPanel and after enabling FrontPage extensions you will need to make an additional setting change.

Once you login to your cPanel control panel scroll down to Domains > Manage Redirects

1) Set "Type" to Permanent (301) Then,

2) in the "https://(www.)?" drop down the actual subdomain and Then,

3) In the "redirects to" field type in   Then,

4) Select www redirection as "Redirect with or without www." so that both versions of your domain and will automatically redirect. Then,

5) Click on the "Add" button and your site should be ready to publish using FrontPage with Extensions.


updated - October 13, 2015

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