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If you plan on canceling any WordPress package at KartHost (WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, or our EZWP Complete package of EZWP Landing Page) and wish to obtain a backup of your site, you must request in a Support Ticket the following.

Before we delete the Container your site is hosted on, we can, at your request, make a backup and hold the backup for 7 days.

Regardless of Option 1 or Option 2, we will make a backup compressed file using .tar.gz.
Almost any Zip software/app on your computer can uncompress this type of file. Unlike a .zip file, the .tar.gz file is compressed twice; once the .tar is compressed, it's compressed again as a .tar.gz.
Now with your Zip software decompress (extract) the .tar.gz file first. 

Once complete, extract the resulting .tar file. It will look something like backup-1685480265.tar, and then this holds your actual files.

You can elect to do one of the following options during this time.

[Option 1]

You download and store your backup - We will provide a .tar.gz backup format (designed for storage), and then you have 7 days to download it. There is no charge for this. However, please know that after 7 days, your files will be deleted and unavailable.

Future Restore - Later if you decide to bring your site back to life. Purchase one of our WordPress packages, and then after the purchase, let us know if you wish to restore your site.

A one-time $30 restore fee (plus TX Sales Tax) will be charged to restore your site, saving you a much time. We will waive the one-time fee if you pay your future WordPress package annually.


[Option 2] 

KartHost Site Storage - If you want us to store it, we will create your site's .tar.gz compressed file.

Store it on our internal storage server:

0 - 5GB at $4 monthly (plus TX tax)

Each 1 GB or fraction thereof is $0.78 per GB.

If you wish to restore your site in the future, restoring it is free.



update June 20, 2023

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