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Password Requirement Users logging into the KartHost Customer Center

(After you entered your Security Answer Correctly and click Submit you will arrive at the "Lost Password Reset" page.)

Remember Your Password Strength MUST be Green on the password strength bar.


Make sure to use a MINIMUM of 12 characters in your password, and


lowercase letters


special characters
Like:  $ ) % #( @ ! ~ , = ; + * & - % ^ _ @  etc.

Never Use sequential letters are numbers of  3 or more like the following: abc, wxy, 123, 789, etc.

The goal is to create a STRONG password. The Password Strength meter will let you know if your password is strong by turning green, and is required.

WHY is a STRONG Password Important - Keep in mind we can have the best security in the world but if you create a WEAK PASSWORD you undermine all that great security. Then the hackers can get to your Email (reset passwords) to your mailboxes and to your website etc. We also recommend you turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) also known as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to further protect your account.

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