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If you are asked to provide sensitive information, like your user name and passwords, please NEVER ADD THEM TO THE MESSAGE BOX*. Only add the sensitive credentials in the KartHost Support Ticket to the  Secure Content Box!

The reason we ask this from you is for your privacy and safety. Anything you place in the Message Box will be sent across the internet open to the public, meaning Non-Encrypted. Whereas if you add your sensitive credentials to the Secure Content Box they will NOT be emailed out, they remain in the secure KartHost Customer Center.

Tutorial to add your sensitive credentials to the Secure Content Box.

[Procedure] - After logging into your KartHost Customer Center account whether you open any Support Ticket or reply to a Support Ticket the process is the same. We will show in this tutorial replying to a ticket.

To protect your privacy make sure to add your sensitive credentials to the Secure Content Box in your Support Ticket!

[A] You might have to scroll down on the page to see the 'Message' box. Continue scrolling down.

[B] This is the 'Message' box, you will need to place something in this box when you provide your sensitive credentials.

[C] Right below the 'Message' Box you will see the Secure Content Box. This is where you will place all your sensitive credentials.
And will NOT be emailed out.

[D] This is where you will type in your sensitive credentials. There will be some text in the box, just delete it before pasting or typing.

[E] This is where you can add any attachments. But BE AWARE, whatever you attach here will go out via email. So no secure credentials!

[F] Once you are ready to Submit your Reply to the ticket click the 'Submit' button. You are all done!


Originally posted April 16, 2022

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