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Using Seed Prod Coming Soon Pro Version Allowing a Special ByPass Link to View your website without Logging in to your WordPress site as Admin.

Step 1)    In the Admin Area of WordPress on the left navigation click Settings > Coming Soon Pro

Allowing to see WordPress site without being logged in with SeedProd Coming Soon Pro 01

Step 2)     Scroll down the resulting page to the Access Control Box.

Allowing to see WordPress site without being logged in with SeedProd Coming Soon Pro 02

Step 3)      And at the top of the box you will see Bypass URL“In the Enter your secret phrase:” field (box) type in anything you want.

Allowing to see WordPress site without being logged in with SeedProd Coming Soon Pro 03

Step 4) Now look at the above image at item 4 the “Bypass URL: field (box) and you will see the FULL URL you will use to give to someone to totally bypass your Coming Soon place holder page (aka curtain). Just and anything you wish after the "?bypass=" as an example add "viewsite" (no spaces) and it will look like this

Step 5) OPTIONAL – If you wish to add an expiration time to that "Bypass URL" you just created the default if you add nothing is 2 full days (starting from the time you click Save All Changes), which is 172,800 seconds. This way the Bypass URL will expire at the amount of time you add to the "Bypass Expires" field.
Here is a quick Hours and Days to Seconds Guide:
1 hour = 3600 seconds
6 hours = 21,600 seconds
12 hours = 43,200 seconds
24 hours = 86,400 seconds
4 days = 345,600 seconds
7 days = 604,800 seconds
10 days = 864,000 seconds
14 days = 1,209,600 seconds
30 days = 2,592,000 seconds
60 days = 5,184,000 seconds

Step 6)  OTHER OPTIONS - There are other ways to bypass as well

  1. Use Cookies for Bypass – This means a cookie in your web browser or aka a tracking code. But as the Author says this might not work on sites that are cached, which most websites nowadays are cached to allow them to load faster.
  2. Access via IP. If your internet connection has a Static IP (meaning it never changes and more than likely you requested it from your ISP and are paying more for it) this will allow you to bypass the Coming Soon page. Note to find out the IP address of your internet connection go to this page: What Is My IP Address
  3. Access by Role – No, not a dinner roll :)
    If you are new to WordPress anyone that logs into WordPress has a “Role” meaning a set of permissions on what you can do or can’t do in WordPress when you are logged in. For example, an 'Administrator' has the most permissions a 'Subscriber' has the least. When you add a shopping cart plugin like WooCommerce, WooCommerce adds two new Role 'Customer' and 'Store Manager'


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Originally Posted May 31, 2017
Updated March 18, 2022

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