I am using Microsoft FrontPage web site program and need FrontPage Extensions

Please be advised Microsoft FrontPage is a very old web authoring program. The Server Side Front Page Extensions that were required to make some of the "functions" in FrontPage work are no longer valid and FrontPage Extensions had a End-of-Life on June 30, 2006 on all Linux/Unix servers. And KartHost no longer supports FrontPage Extensions.

Note, while FrontPage extentions are no longer supported, if you wish to use FrontPage to build your web site, you can build in FrontPage, and save all your html files on your local computer and then FTP (Only using FTPES or SFTP at KartHost) your web site html files and assets to the web server.

We would strongly encourage you to use a modern web site building tool, or use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.

If you have any further questions please contact Support.

updated - October 13, 2015

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