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Please Note: KartHost no longers offers InterWorx server control panels. However, we plan to leave this information should you find it useful on a InterWorx (SiteWorx) server and another provider. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

If you plan on using the standard FTP home default directory (default remote directory is /public_html*) and you plan on using Dreamweaver to upload (PUT) your site files, we highly suggest one of these two options:

OPTION 1) Make the remote directory /html for an example if you domain name is mywebsite.com your would use /mywebsite.com/html  (of course replace mywebsite.com with your domain name and DO NOT use "www.")

OPTION 2) +Login to your SiteWorx Control Panel and select: Site Services > FTP Accounts and once on the FTP Account Management page either EDIT the current FTP accounts "Home Directory" or create a new FTP Account using /home//html and the click the Add button. This new FTP setting or account (depending what you used) will allow you to log directly into the web root directory for your web site.

Once this is created change your FTP connection settings in Dreamweaver so that this account info is used when connecting to the server. In the Remote Directory setting you can leave blank OR use "/" (without the " " of course) in the remote directory field. And now you will be logged directly into the web sites web root directory.

* the /public_html directory is really not a real directory, its a directory alias that routes traffic to the real directory of /html, Dreamweavers built in FTP program has a hard time understaning alias directorys.

+To view a Video on how to set up and make changes to your SiteWorx FTP accounts CLICK HERE

Dreamweaver will be requesting the following information here is what you will need to use for a InterWorx Server:

Q) What is the hostname for your web site?
A) This would be your domain with or without the "www."

Q) What folder on the server do you want to store your files in?
A) See Option 1 or Option 2 as mentioned above for your answer, the quick and easy answer if to use /yourdomain.com/html  (of course you would replace 'yourdomain.com'  with your actual domain name)

Q) What is your FTP log in(aka ftp username)?
A) The default would be [email protected] You can add additional ftp usernames from the SiteWorx Control Panel.

Q) What is your FTP Password?
A) Other than the default FTP password that was used when your account was set up on the web server, this is totally controlled by you and can be changed by you via the SiteWorx Control Panel, see this How To Video for more Details

Q) Can I use Secure FTP?
A) The quick answer is no, not at this time (A future updated InterWorx control panel system allow for this). However you can use Secure SSH you can use a windows PC based program called WINSCP, its a free program that can be found at http://winscp.net/eng/index.php
Please be advised to use this application and have SSH access to your web site, you MUST open a support ticket and request this capability be added to your site.

If your questions have not been answered here, then please open a Support Ticket for your specific question.

Updated October 13, 2015

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