KartHost WordPress Container Hosting - Clearing Cache

If you are using any of these KartHost products  DIY Self-Managed WordPress Hosting, Manged WordPress Hosting or our EZWP Complete package then you are using the Advanced Managed VPS Hosting for WordPress system (what we also call our Container hosting). 

You will need to know how to clear Cache in three ways. In the video below you will learn how to clear the Container Cache and how to clear Cloudflare Cache (if you are using Cloudflare). What isn't mentioned in the video is how to clear your web browser cache. Which are copies of websites stored on your computer or laptop. So we have a great resource for you, continue reading...

Visit this website CLEAR MY CACHE, an excellent site & resource for you. Now if you are needing to clear your browser cache on your smartphone or another mobile device here is a great step by step resource:  How to clear your browser's cache on a mobile device.

To make the video below fullscreen (works best on computer or laptop)  just click the 4-star pointer  at the bottom right of the video after clicking play.

If you are an existing WordPress Hosting client of KartHost and do not see the Platform Cache or Cloudflare in Settings, open a WordPress Help Desk ticket and we will get that taken care of for you right away!

  • Clear Cloudflare Cache, Clear Platform Cache
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