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If you have asked "where do the emails go that people add to the Coming Soon page, here is your answer.

If you have the plugin “SeedProd Coming Soon Pro” plugin installed or had someone else installed it for you, and when someone wishes to be notified of when your site goes online (or whatever you asked them to sign up for) here is what happens to that email address (and Name if you are asked for it).

The Default setting is all entries from your form goes into your Subscribers database in your WordPress install database.  To see these, do this:

In your WordPress plugin dashboard do the following:

1)      Click on Settings > Coming Soon Pro (if you do not see this either you do not have the plugin installed or it is deactivated)

2)      On the ‘Coming Soon Page Pro’ page you will be on the “Coming Soon & Maintenance Page” tab. Right next to it is the “Subscribers” tab. Just click it. Here you will see all scribers that signed up on your site to your mailing list.

RECOMMENDED Way – We encourage all site owners to start a Mailing List, it will be one of the most valuable assists in your business. And you will need an email BLAST service, like Constant Contact, SendinBlue, or MailChimp (these are just a few of many). Since MailChimp is free for the first 2000 people on your list we recommend starting with MailChimp to get you started (yep you can move to another email blast service later if you wish). Here is how to connect your Email List service to your Coming Soon Page using MailChimp.

NOTE: You will need to set up a MailChimp Account before starting these Steps!

1)      On the Coming Soon & Maintenance Page tab click on the blue “Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page” button. This will take you to the Customizer.

2)      Click on Email Form Settings on the left navigation

3)      Under “Save Subscribers To “text you will see a drop-down list. The default is “Database” (your WordPress install Database). Select MailChimp from the drop-down menu.

4)      After selecting Mailchimp now click the “Configure MailChimp” blue button and you will be taken to the MailChimp configuration page.

On the MailChimp Configuration page, you will see a Link that says “Learn how to Configure” click that link and you will be taken to a step by step of setting “Seedprod Coming Soon” plugin up with MailChimp.


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