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WordPress is an application that runs on a computer, in this case, the computer is a web server, or in the case of KartHost WordPress servers Cloud Servers.

By default according to WordPress Codex WordPress will attempt to increase the memory up to 40 MB of PHP Memory for single WordPress installs and if you are using a multisite WordPress will attempt to allocate up to 64 MB of memory.

Of course, this depends on your hosting service what they allow as the maximum memory. All KartHost Managed WordPress sites (including the EZWP Package) is set to 512 MB of memory, and our Self Managed WordPress is 256 MB of PHP Memory by default.
So if you do run into any issue we recommend you make the following change to your wp-config.php file by adding the line to increase your memory.

To do this you will need to locate your wp-config.php file and open it in an editor and after open scroll down to where you see 

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Right about that add this line of code:




A suggestion is to add a commented out state to explain what you did and when and maybe why, not required but makes for nice notes. As an example you might add:

/** increased memory limit 8-21-2018 */

Then to make sure you save your handy work and then go back and refresh your page (clearing your web browser cache might be in order) and try the last function you attempted before you received your error.

If you are a KartHost Customer hosting client, especially if you are a Managed WordPress client, open a WordPress Help Desk Ticket and we will be happy to assist you in doing this or if you wish, take care of it for you.

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