How to Create a Hyper Link in WordPress and MailChimp Print

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Without HyperLinks, we would have to type in manually all web pages we wish to go to across the internet. And that would make the internet very unuserfriendly!
In this video tutorial WordPress and MailChimp happened to be two of the most widely used tools for sending out emails to a large amount of people (MailChimp) and WordPress is used to build webs on the internet and in fact more web sites are built with WordPress than any other web building platform in the world.

In this Video tutorial, we will show you how to create simple Text Links using the WordPress editor, and how to place clickable links for both images and text in your next MailChimp campaign. 
With more and more non technical people using the internet, simple things like creating Hyper Links shouldn't be assumed everyone knows how to create them.

Hopefully this video will make clear how to create hyper links with both WordPress and MailChimp.

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