Logging into the KloudEmail Control Panel

To login to the KloudEmail Control Panel here is how....

(Direct Login to KloudEmail Control Panel)

1) From www.KartHost.com web site 'mouse over' Login then from the resulting drop down menu click "KloudEmail Control Panel"

Logging into the KloudEmail Control Panel

2) You will now be at the KloudEmail Login page, enter your Administrative ID* & Password* to login

Logging into the KloudEmail Control Panel Step 2

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1: If you have forgotten your Password but know your Administrative ID, you can click the "Help! I forgot my password" on the login page.
2: If you have lost or forgotten your Administrative ID and Password, please refer back to the Welcome Email you should of received on the day you purchased your KloudEmail service for that informtion, as long as it hasn't been changed since then. You can also login to your KartHost Customer Center account and go to Services > My Services > Locate your KloudEmail service and click the View Details button >  Change Password tab and you will see the Administrative ID and Password for your account listed as Username/Password. (Note: You can not change your password from this page, contact support to change the password).

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