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All MX records for new accounts are set by default to use our KloudEmail email service. If you wish to use another email service, you can change the MX records via the cPanel control panel (if DNS is being handled at the server level, if at the domain name level, you need to change the MX records at your Domain Register or DNS provider).

Here is instructions on making the change.

1) Login to your cPanel directly or via your KartHost Customer Center. Once logged in to cPanel navigate to Mail block(box) and in the Mail block click onthe MX Entry icon as seen below

Changing email MX Records in cPanel at KartHost Step 1

2) On the resulting MX Entry Maintenance page, if using a 3rd party email service or KloudEmail, A) Make sure your domain name is showing correctly, B) "Remote Mail Exchanger" is selected. C) Scroll on down to Set new Records

Changing email MX Records in cPanel at KartHost Step 2

3) Your Email service provider should have given your MX records. For KloudEmail MX records see below for those details.

A) Type in the Priority of the MX record, B) The Destination (what service email will be delivered too) C) Click the "Add New Record" 
Note: If you have more than one MX record repeat steps A, B and C.
D) Make sure to delete any OLD records, if they remain they could cause email reliability issues.

Changing email MX Records in cPanel at KartHost Step 3

KartHost KloudEmail MX Records are as follows:
Record 1: Priority: 10 Destination:
Record 2: Priority: 20 Destination:

If you need help please contact KartHost Support.

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