SFTP and FTPES (FTPS) To Your KartHost cPanel Hosting

EFFECTIVE November 10. 2020 KartHost cPanel Servers will no longer allow regular Non Secure FTP.
You must use FTPES or SFTP. If you are not able to use either you can use the File Manager in cPanel.

All Modern FTP Clients will support both FTPES (Explicit) and the SFTP Protocol (the most secure).

If you wish to use Filzilla here are the settings to use for Filezilla.

For FTPES (FTP over TLS Explicit)
The "Host" will need to be entered like this: ftpes:// followed by your servers domain or IP address, here are some examples

ftpes://mywebsite.com (or use servers name here)
ftpes://ftp.mywebsite.com (you will need to use this, or something similar, if using CloudFlare)
ftpes://XX.XXX.XXX.XX (where the "X's" are replaced with the actual IP address)

If Connecting via SSH (SFTP) (recommended) to a KartHost server and using Filezilla use the following protocol (Our SSH PORT is NON - Standard so open a Technical Support Ticket for the correct SSH PORT to use, and to activate Jailed Shell SSH.

NOTE: Please login to your KartHost Customer Center Account and open a Support Ticket to obtain the PORT used for SFTP/SSH. And your other login credentials.

sftp://mywebsite.com (or use servers name here)
sftp://ftp.mywebsite.com (you will need to use this, or something similar, if using CloudFlare or just use the servers name)
sftp://XX.XXX.XXX.XX  (where the "X's" are replaced with the actual IP address)

Note when you first connect for the first time as either ftpes or sftp, you will have to accept the servers certificate. Because of this we do recommend you use the servers name in the host field instead of your domain, unless you have a SSL Certificate on your site.

Using FTPES will secure the username and password on login, but will not secure the content moving from your remote computer to the remote server.
However using SFTP (SSH) will secure Username & Password and all content from your remote computer to the server. Thus we recommend using SFTP.

updated 10/26/2020

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