Password Change in the Customer Center - Video

If you forgot your password or lost your password Please see the video At "Password - Forgot My Password to Customer Center - Video"
To Change Your Existing Password for your KartHost Customer Center Login just do the following:
1) Click on the Hello, ! link on the black navigation bar on the right. (Of course you need to be already logged in to your KartHost Customer Center Account)
2) Then Click on "Change Password" on the drop down menu.
3) You will need to know your existing Password fill it in
4) New enter what you would like for your new password, make sure the Password Strength shows STRONG.

NOTE: We Highly Recommend you use a Minimum of 9 Characters, UPPER CASE Letters A - Z, lower case letters a - z, Numbers 0 - 9, and Special Characters like: *^#<!~)&($]@[

5) Retype in your Password in the "Confirm New Password" field
6) Now click on "Save Changes" (the blue button at bottom of page)
7) Now when you succeed at changing your password you will need to login back in again to the KartHost Customer Center with your New Password when you click any thing in the Customer Center.

Watch How To Do It Video:

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