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For those of you using our WordPress Managed hosting we are using Varnish Caching to help speed your WordPress site up by using server caching. However, when you make changes to your site, in design or making changes to content, both your web browser and the servers Varnish caching will not show your new content. The new content is there, you just need to clear the cache in your browser (usually forcing the browser to reload will force your browser to reload the page details from the server, see those instructions below)

Now, if the Varnish Cache hasn't reloaded forcing the browser to reload or performing a complete Cache clearing in your browser will not work. So in this case if the Better WP Varnish plugin is installed this allows you an easy way to clear the Varnish Cache on the KartHost WordPress Optimized Server.

*How To Force a Reload of your Web browser
Using Windows OS: ctrl + F5
Using Mac/Apple OS: Apple + R or command + R
Using Linux OS: F5

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